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We charge our fee according to the time spent. The amount of the fee depends on the person leading the case and results from the following list:

Fabian Spühler: CHF 300.00 per hour plus VAT and expenses
Salome Balmelli: CHF 270.00 per hour plus VAT and expenses
Ana Lucia Gallmann: CHF 270.00 per hour plus VAT and expenses
Nicole Etter: CHF 270.00 per hour plus VAT and expenses
Laurence Steinemann: CHF 240.00 per hour plus VAT and expenses

Each work step will be listed and described in the invoice as well as timed in steps of 0.1 hours. All time spent in connection with a case will be invoiced (e.g. for letters, legal documents, telephone calls, e-mails, travel to external appointments, court hearings, etc.). The client may request information on the costs incurred at any time.

Secretarial work and expenses in connection with invoicing are not charged.


In addition to the fee, expenses plus VAT are due. A flat rate of 3% of the fee (excl. VAT) will be charged for small expenses (paper, postage, copies, telephone). In addition to the small expenses, other expenses such as travel costs will be invoiced.

Advance payments of costs

Due to their professional duties, attorneys at law are generally required to ask their clients for an advance on their fees. The law firm Spühler Rechtsanwälte therefore regularly requests advances on costs.

For the first meeting, we request an advance payment of CHF 300.00. On the occasion of the first meeting, the person conducting the case can indicate the further costs of the case processing as well as the financing possibilities.

If it becomes clear after the first meeting that free legal representation or official defense is possible, no further advance payment of costs will be required.

In the case of a cost approval by a legal protection insurance or a victim counseling center, we will waive an advance on costs for the first meeting.

Free legal representation / court-appointed defense

The law firm Spühler Rechtsanwälte also accepts mandates within the scope of free legal representation or court-appointed defense . These are mandates in which the attorney’s fees and, if applicable, the costs of the proceedings are borne by the state. The prerequisite is that the person seeking legal assistance cannot financially afford official or judicial proceedings and that the case has a certain complexity.

On the occasion of your first meeting with Spühler Attorneys at Law, we will be happy to check whether you are entitled to free legal services.

Legal expenses insurance

The law firm Spühler Rechtsanwälte also cooperates with legal expenses insurance companies. After you have clarified by means of an appointment request whether we can take over the case, you should immediately and personally register your case with the legal protection insurance company and clarify whether insurance coverage exists. Inform the insurance company which person from Spühler Rechtsanwälte you would like to be represented by. The legal expenses insurance company will then issue a cost approval for individual (procedural) steps. You have no cost risk within the cost credit. The client is liable to pay for services that go beyond the cost approval or that are not covered by the insurance policy.

Please refer to the information sheet of the Swiss Bar Association.

Further costs

Proceedings before courts and authorities may result in further costs such as procedural costs and party compensation. Read more about this under FAQ (frequently asked questions).

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